Wedding Unit
Wedding Unit


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Size: 52" L x 52" W x 92" H

Days: 1-28 Days

* 1 Clean Per Week

Extra Cleanings: $55/Extra Cleaning


Larger than the average portable restroom, for guests that are dressed for the event - Our White Signature Restrooms have lots of room. These units are reserved for special events only. 

They have flushing toilets, a sink with clean water for washing up and are provided with toilet paper, paper towel, hand soap and a trash can. Worry free for your big day.


  • Unrinal
  • Flush Toilet
  • Sink
  • Hand Soap
  • Mirror
  • Paper Towel, Toilet Paper
  • Waste Paper Basket
  • 91" x 47" x 47"

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