Regular Toilet + Sanitizer
Regular Toilet + Sanitizer


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Size: 48" L x 48" W x 92" H

Days: 1-28 Days

* 1 Clean Per Week

Extra Cleanings: $55/Extra Cleaning


This portable toilet is equipped with anti-slip floors and ample ventilation. This unit would be considered the basic model when it comes to portable toilets. These are still the best and least expensive unit for backyard parties and large events. These are also great for storage yards, truck park yards and any remote site that requires outdoor facilities. 

NOTE: New Ontario Ministry of Labour Laws state these type of portable toilets can no longer be used on a construction site in Ontario. Units must be a flush style portable toilet with a hand sanitizer or a sink. 


  • Toilet
  • Urinal
  • Hand Sanitizer


  • Compact, yet stylish
  • Self-contained
  • Best and least expensive for backyard parties
  • Stay clean longer
  • Hand sanitizer dispenser in every unit
  • Great for storage yards and large events

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